Election Day

We use a big data approach for your electoral campaign

Data-driven solutions to enhance the success of
your political campaign

Election Day collaborates with politicians, institutions and non-profit organizations during their electoral campaign offering them solutions using the most up-to-date digital data science techniques and digital marketing strategies.

We ground our work in your local country politics with the support of dedicated political experts. With our wide range of digital electoral campaign services and our advanced methodology, we contribute to the success of your campaign.

Digital political campaign

Our passion for Politics combined with our in-depth knowledge and experience in this field enables us to develop a sophisticated understanding of your electorate and personalize your political message accordingly.

Electoral Campaign Strategy

Our three primary methodological steps outlines our collaborative approach and offers appropriate support through the different phases of your electoral campaign: digital marketing, influencer marketing and big data.

Our values

Data protection

At Election Day, we care about data protection and confidentiality. The General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) is our guide. Should you have any doubts, please feel free to direct your inquiries to our Data Protection Officer dpo@eday.lu.

No profit

Election Day will establish, in the next five years, a no profit organisation based on our values: Passion, Political success, Integrity, Innovation and Confidentiality. We will donate at it minimum 0,5% of our turnover. Please for information do not hesitate to contact info@eday.lu.

Balanced gender and environmental policy

Our recruitment process will also aim to achieve a balanced gender composition of our staff. In Election Day we apply every day our environmental policy concerned to preserve paper, water and our earth. Please for information do not hesitate to contact job@eday.lu.