Digital political campaign

Our skills for a successful digital political campaign

Political Expertise

We love Politics. Our team ha as broad experience in electoral campaigns and an international expertise in politics. A diverse global political landscape requires a bespoke approach with specific outcomes and targeting.

Big Data

We are curious. Statistics is one of our core competences. Our analysts have at least 20 years of experience in the field. Our analysts will work with you to present tangible solutions, not just meaningless data, to win elections.

Digital Marketing

We like social media. Electoral campaigns are increasingly reliant on social media networks. Having more than 10 years of experience in the field of strategic digital marketing, we are well positioned to help you influence your target community.

Our services

Digital Training

We offer social media training and supervision for an optimal use (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…) for a digital political campaign

Influencer Attitude

We propose techniques to transform your online campaign into a more effective influencing force in your target community.

Statistics Methods

Thanks to quantitative analysis of your contact list, we are able to efficiently group people in your community for better targeting.

Sentiment Analysis

From text analysis of posts, we can understand the emerging trends and enhance your strongest assets.

Tailored Message

With a micro targeting methodology, we can customize your message to reach different voter groups and individuals.

Network Expansion

We help to build new contacts for new potential voters via social networks and other online media.

Activate Supporters

Thanks to our Big Data approach, we can individualise and activate potential supporters during a digital political campaign.

Online Advertizing

Online ads help to spread your political message and group your voters for added effectiveness.

Private Funding

In accordance with local laws, we organize targeted fundraising for your political campaign.