Electoral campaign strategy

Three steps to optimize your electoral campaign strategy

Our goal as your key partner is to collaborate with you by providing you with appropriate support through the different steps of your electoral campaign strategy: digital marketing, influencer marketing and big data analytics.

Here is how it works:

Digital strategy
Staff training
Online reputation

The First Step: Digital Marketing
The main goal of this phase is to organise a more incisive online presence as it can always be improved. An effective online presence is the first essential step to expand your presence in your electoral community. Keeping in mind that every social media has its own specificities and rules, an appropriate use of social networks is capital to convey your political message to your potential voters. That is why it is crucial to coordinate your online presence starting with the digital aggregation of information. Through this step, our aim is to become your key partner during your electoral campaign, starting with the deployment of social media assets and messages that shape your online reputation. We help you and your staff to reach a full understanding and a proficient level in the use of social networks strategies.
The main goal of this phase is to improve the quality of the online presence.

The Second Step: Influencer Marketing
The purpose of this step is to enlarge your online contacts in your target community. Is key in a successful electoral campaign strategy. Once your digital presence is effective, we monitor the reactions of your followers using sentiment analysis techniques. This enables us to assess your level of popularity and identify your strengths as well as the targets for progress. By using data extraction, we identify new potential contacts to expand your social network community. Thanks to these techniques, we help you to develop an influencer attitude. At this stage, we can launch an online advertising campaign and implement a private funding campaign.
The main goal of this phase is to enlarge your online contacts in your target community.

Influencer attitude
Sentiment Analysis
Network Expansion
Private Fundings
Differentiation of the political message
Activating supporters
Segmentation and cluster analysis

The Third Step: Big Data
This phase aims at reaching each potential voter with a tailored message. In a electoral campaign strategy, it is important to identify citizens needs to implement an electoral strategy and guide tactical efforts. We segment your followers to allow you to understand their interests and motivations. Thanks to our Big Data approach, we activate potential supporters and send a tailored message to all of them. With a micro-targeting methodology, we individualise the characteristics of your contacts and enable you to communicate much more effectively with them. Through this step, we transform your electoral community into a supporter community.
The main goal of this phase is to reach all the possible voters with a tailored message.